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Benson Consultants' cookie files policy on the Benson.pl website
Our website www.benson.pl contains "cookies". Therefore, every user must read the BensonConsultants regulations. All users who would like to use our website must remember that "cookie" files contain IT data and stored in users' devices. "Cookies" are - IT data defined as text. "Cookies" may contain the website address and its name. Also, "cookie" files can contain the time of data storage on the correct terminal device and a unique number.
The website does not collect any information automatically. This applies only to information contained in cookies.
All "cookies" are individual files that contain four parts.
- Information about the name of the website: domain name or sub-domain name,
- Cookie name: cookie has an individual and unique name,
- Information about the period of validity of "cookies": The validity of some cookies expires after the browser is closed and all other "cookies" will be automatically deleted only after reaching the expiration date, which has been set (so-called "persistent" cookies),
- Information or content of the cookie: information about the previous visit of the correct page.

The "cookies" files usually store basic information about users or anonymous. Data is also stored for increasing the convenience of using our website www.benson.pl. The information obtained will be used to optimize and adjust the content of the website to individual user settings. We want to inform you that the information collected will be used to recognize users who log on to websites that assist in logging in and maintaining the user's session on each subsequent website.

All users of our site www.benson.pl can change the settings for "cookies". These settings can be changed by the User in such a way as to block the automatic service of "cookies" in the settings of the web browser or inform about their every transfer to the user's devices. More information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the software (web browser) settings.
It is also possible to configure your own browser in a way that blocks the possibility of installing "cookies" for the websites selected by the user or for all parties. However, such settings will result in the loss of the functionalities described above or incorrect display of the content. In accordance with the requirements of the Telecommunications Law, confirmation of the consent for the use of cookies is considered to be the configuration of the browser allowing the installation of cookies on the computer.

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