• automatic planning of the optimum routes  (area-specific optimisation – about 70 orders in an area) using a nodal map, taking into account the following requirements:
    • vehicle payload,
    • required vehicle equipment (slider, isothermal body,…),
    • time windows for delivery implementation,
    • driver’s work time,
  • the algorithm for grouping orders:
    • grouping of orders according to the delivery address, geo-location coordinates, distances between points,
    • setting out a limit for combined orders in terms of the number of orders and vehicle payload,
  • automatic cost calculation at the conclusion of the planning,
  • automatic calculation of the route duration, taking into account the average vehicle speed, the handling time at the point, the unloading rate,
  • graphic modelling of distribution/operation areas,
  • vector visualisation or visualisation of detailed real routes,
  • optimisation with comparative analysis of several alternative scenarios,
  • the possibility of manual, intuitive modification of routes,
  • the possibility of carrying out again modification and optimisation of the route which has already been planned,
  • the possibility of carrying out optimisation for different scenarios (e.g. routes with delivery time windows).






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