Modelling of the logistics structure


The module contains all the functionalities of the transport planning module and, additionally, the following:

  • modelling of the logistics structure:
    • regions,
    • branches,
    • hubs,
    • modelling of warehouse zones,
    • rorder implementation rules,
  • handling of any transport structure, including: pickups, route transport, distribution,
  • VAS (value added services),
  • the setting of time-related parameters for logistics services:
    • time-related logistics parameters for receivers and deliveries,
    • guaranteed delivery times,
    • time-related exclusions of VAS implementation,
  • handling of reloading hubs (cross-docks),
  • automatic assignment of a warehouse zone in hubs,
  • confirmation of the loading and unloading of loads using a barcode reader,
  • handling of scanners:
    • acceptance of goods at the warehouse: scanning of a collective bill of lading, scanning and printout of labels,
    • conclusion of unloading (automatic change in travel status and stages),
    • releasing of goods from the warehouse (scanning of labels, printing out missing labels),
    • taking stock of packages,
  • handling of label printers,
  • taking stock of pallets in hubs,
  • tacking stock of the status of packages - T&T of packages,
  • internal settlements for branches,
  • handling of partners network,
  • printouts:
    • SSCC labels,
    • a collective bill of lading for route trucks,
    • ADR specification,
    • a report on the vehicle load capacity utilisation rate.







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