• settlements of executed routes (orders, loads, documents, returnable packaging),
  • management of returnable packaging (medium),
  • carriers pricing (cost):
    • rate per km at user specified kilometer intervals,
    • surcharge for more than a certain number of addresses,
    • rate for every hour of work,
    • zone-mileage price list,
  • e-toll,
  • price lists or pricing templates assigned to the vehicle,
  • automatic settlement with carriers / sub-contractors:
    documents, returnable packaging, invoices,
  • invitation to the invoice generator for subcontractors,
  • registration of carriers invoices (cost),
  • settlement of travel expenses for orders by different algorithms:
    • weight,
    • volume,
    • media,
    • price list of the transit,
    • length of the route,
    • value of the charge,
    • product of the weight and distance,
  • management of returnable packaging (media): prints of pallet balances for affiliates, customers, carriers, generating pallet documents,
  • customer pricing lists (revenue) - progressive, combining orders, rounding value, currency, validity period:
    • compartmental pricing list for weight, volume, number of specific type media, weight conversion, the number of basic media, the number and type of individual packaging,
    • variable fuel surcharge BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor),
    • variable rate allowance CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor),
    • fixed fees,
    • for COD service (Cash on Delivery),
    • for additional equipment EAF (Equipment Adjustment Factor),
    • for instruction codes IAF (Instructions Adjustment Factor),
    • for replacing media,
  • manual invoicing and invoice generator,
  • manual invoicing: national invoices, foreign invoices, invoices in Euros for contractors from Poland, corrections, accounting notes, debit notes, credit notes,
  • generator of invoices takes into account billing cycles,
  • multicurrency,
  • controlling deadlines for invoicing.










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