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  SkyLogic Transport


It is a system which assists the logistician in making correct decisions. At present, it is increasingly difficult to imagine the correct functioning even of a small company without software which registers transport events, assists in planning delivery of products to customers and reliable supplies of raw materials, controls the costs and the use of means of transport, supports dispatchers or forwarding agents and automates their everyday duties.

The abovementioned functionalities bring a number of benefits. Among them, it is important to mention reduced transport costs, higher effectiveness of operations, a shorter time of process handling and better communication with customers and drivers.


Modules of the SkyLogic Transport system 


Route optimisation


Automatic route planning​
Automatic calculation of routes costs
​Planning a large number of orders ...


Full handling of orders​


Handling different types of orders
Automatic client geolocation on the map
Visualization of routes on the map ...


Modelling of the logistics structure


Ability to model any logistical structures: regions,
hubs, branches, contractors,
inter-branch settlements ...


Fleet management and GPS​


Modules: exploitation, repairs, refueling, schedules,
current vehicle location on the map, misuses, comparison of routes ...




Pricelists of income and expense,
settlements of completed routes,
invoicing, returnable packaging,
settlements with subcontractors,

inter-branch settlements ...


Communication portal (WebLogic)


For the customer - registration of orders business partners, printing labels and waybills, calculation of orders, T&T, reports ...​


Analytics and KPI's


Reports and transport ratios
divided into groups: Financial analysis, Fleet, Operational, Settlements with carriers ...


Digital maps


Presentation of routes on the map,
presentation of vehicle position on the map, comparison of routes execution, 
geolocation, obstructions, viaTOLL ...


Text message - based information systems


Informing customers about delivery
Communication with the driver
Receiving messages from drivers ...


Mobile driver management


Communication with the driver, sending route plans to the driver, confirming execution, navigation 
(including trucks), current position of the vehicle ...





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