Service Technicians Management


  SkyLogic Service
SkyLogic Task is a solution which assists in the management of a field employees team. The target addressees of the system will be the entities which maintain and operate technical equipment in geographically dispersed locations.
The main goal of SkyLogic Task system is to reduce the service costs through integrated planning of service visits and optimisation of field employees routes. 



Modules of the SkyLogic Service system

Scheduling tasks

Creating a schedule of visits
Allocation of customers to employees
Authorization of employees ...

Service technicians route optimization

Optimizing work schedules
Creating route plans ...

Mobile communication with service technician

Communication with the employee,
sending schedules, confirming execution, navigation, survey,
service history ...

Digital maps

Presentation of the routes on the map
Customers geolocation
Allocation of devices / customers to employees ...​



Current vehicle location ...

Assigning service technicians to tasks

Automatic allocation of technicians to devices, taking into account their authorization ...


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