Benefits of using SkyLogic Trade


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A reduction in the total length of routes by 5 - 45% due to the application of the optimisation.

  ​An improvement in the planning efficiency.

The definition of areas and assignment of sales representatives to areas and customers to reduce mileage.


​A reduction in the route planning duration.


Enhanced efficiency of fleet utilisation.


GPS – showing the current and historical positions of a driver on the map, deviations from routes – comparison of routes: the planned one vs. the implemented one, alerts and text messages to the heads of regions about sales representatives’ frauds.


Automatic notification of customers with a text message about the date and hour of delivery.


Communication with the driver via a mobile device (sending the plans of routes, implementation statuses and navigation).


Use of digital maps (showing planned routes on maps, the execution of a route by the driver, the current position of a vehicle etc.).


A reduction in exhaust gas emissions into the environment due to more efficient planning.



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