Spatial analysis

Spatial analyzes involve the possibility to show on the map:
  • layer of municipalities, representatives areas of activity, areas of each route and regions with their labels,
  • layer of hubs / branches (regional distribution centers) and their labels.

The data is presented in the form of points or selected areas. The colors assigned for the presentation of individual objects are modifiable.

There is also the possibility of presenting data in the form of charts on the map:
  • for regions, areas, municipalities - drawing diagrams enabling a comparison with the national average of:
    • the population,
    • unemployment,
    • average age,
    • the median income (purchasing power index)
  • for a single representative - drawing diagrams presenting comparison with the average value for all representatives of:
    • the number of customers,
    • an average sales value for one customer,
    • an estimated value of revenues,
    • average service costs.


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