Strategic planning



  SkyLogic Strategy


SkyLogic Strategy is a complete, automated system, designed to analyze spatial transportation and warehousing systems and to support making strategic decisions in large companies. It allows a simultaneous analysis of many alternative scenarios of attending the same set of customers. At the same time Strategy supports the management of field workers tasks (traders, vansellers or technicians). 

  • It takes into account the cost of warehouses and also maintenance cost of the distribution network, in regard to all areas and every client.
  • It allows to examine the impact of any shifts in resources or locations on the global cost of the distribution system.
  • It allows to visualize and determine any details of the distribution network and transport costs.



Modules of the SkyLogic Strategy system




Optimization taking into account demand statistics taken from the CSO and the statistics of customers in specific areas.



Setting boundaries of distribution areas for individual warehouses, hubs or cross-docks.



Optimizing the number of required resources (vehicles, people, equipment).



Allocating areas to the vehicles and sales representatives.



Automatic generation of staff schedules and routes with the possibility of manual editing.



Displaying different layers and graphs on the map (for regions, areas of activity, municipalities, representatives, hubs).



The possibility of creating map visualization of demand, cost and geography of deliveries.



Searching for new  sales opportunities on the distribution map.





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