Logistics management courses

Modelling of business processes in the BPMN notation (a two-day workshop)
Within the framework of the training course, the participants will become acquainted with the methods for documenting the processes and the BPMN notation for a description of the processes. Exercises will be carried out on a free of charge BizAgi programme. As the outcome of the workshop, they will draw their own process in BizAgi.
Business processes optimization (a one-day workshop) 
The training course is a follow-up on the course on the modelling of business processes in the BPMN notation. The participants learn how to eliminate unnecessary operations which do not create added value neither for customers nor for an enterprise. The work is done on participants own data.
Administration and parameterization of the SkyLogic system (a two-day workshop)
The course describes the architecture of the application, the configuration of the servers (database, application, interfaces, the communication with PDA, Web, maps), programmes at workstations and  the data exchange interfaces. The participants learn what parameters should be entered in order to start using the programme and how to set up groups of users in SkyLogic and WebLogic.
A workshop on the logistics structure modelling in the SkyLogic system (a one-day workshop)
The course is designed for multi-branch companies where it has become necessary to build more complex logistics structures. At the course, we teach how to model the logistics structure and the time-related rules for the execution of orders, how to  create templates, make printouts dependent on the types of documents and how to settle costs between branches and with partners. The training course presents wide opportunities for establishing any structures and for placing branches, reloading hubs and partners within these structures, and for modelling their mutual relationships and settlements.
Handling of the SkyLogic system (a three-day workshop)
The course describes the basic processes handled by SkyLogic and WebLogic, including e.g. the generation of new business partners, vehicles, drivers, order registration, different methods for planning, accepting and releasing goods, generators, invoicing, settlements with drivers and subcontractors, trading in reusable packaging, ADR, pricelists and T&T. The training course presents the ways of drivers’ communication with the programme and the opportunities offered to customers to access the system via an Internet-based search engine. A separate module is dedicated to the understanding of the operations of the optimiser. The training course shows the capabilities of the system and prepares the users for independent work using the programme.
Structure of the SkyLogic data (a two-day workshop)
The course introduces the fundamentals of the SQL which are necessary to draft own reports. It discusses the structure of tables in SkyLogic, the built-in SQL functions and useful SkyLogic functions. It teaches how to optimise queries in the database. Participants can work on their own data.
Generation of SkyLogic reports in MS Reporting Services (a one-day workshop)
The training course is a follow-up on the course on the structure of the SkyLogic data. The participants will become acquainted with the method for drawing up their own reports, available objects and data formatting in the Reporting Services and for placing them in SkyLogic. The participants can work on their own data.


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