Training and Workshops


The purpose of the academy founded by our company is to transfer the practical knowledge of the most important business issues. Therefore, most of our training activities are carried out in the form of a workshop where the participants analyse their own enterprise. As a result of this, one does not need to wait long for the effects of the knowledge gained.

In the light of this, the key to effective training is the appropriate preparation of the participants for the training, in particular, they should acquire materials on their own organisation (and/or competition) which are necessary for the exercises to be carried out.


Strategy building workshop

List of training courses


Logistics management courses

List of training courses

The training block designed to teach how to look in a different way at business and to show in how many ways we can profit from the same business. 

We identify for the participants the opportunities latent in their companies and we show the risks and methods to distinguish themselves on the market so as to make sure that competitors are insignificant.

Training courses on corporate strategies are addressed to:

  • company owners,
  • presidents,
  • managing directors,
  • chief financial officers,
  • directors for development and marketing.

A training block designed to make the participants acquainted with the methods for the modelling and optimising processes, as well as assisting tools.

​Within the framework of the training courses, we also discuss modern tools (SkyLogic) designed to manage and optimise the supply chain. The offer also includes training courses for analysts and IT specialists who are responsible for the preparation of reports and analyses.

Training courses on logistics are addressed to:​

  • directors for logistics,
  • logisticians,
  • analysts,
  • IT specialists.





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