Costs reduction

Benson Consultants provides advisory services designed to seek savings as a result of the restructuring of a supply chain. Our consultants focus on three groups of benefits. 
5% - 15%
5% - 15%
2% - 10%
due to a change in the cost structure   due to better use of resources   due to better planning
  • a reduction in the transaction costs and focus on actions creating value for customers,
  • replacing fixed costs with variable ones (e.g. through more flexible settlements with subcontractors),
  • the cooperation between suppliers and recipients to eliminate empty travels of means of transport,
  • enhancement of the compression effect for all the storage and transport operations within the supply chain,
  • connecting distribution channels to the logistics channel.
  • fewer redundant activities and better utilisation of resource use, 
  • enterprise assets use optimization, 
  • logistics network configuration change (the localisation of warehouses, hubs, the assignment of customers to distribution centres),
  • route optimization.
  • optimised processes (higher efficiency, elimination of bottlenecks, removal of redundant elements),
  • analysis of alternative methods for task implementation,
  • ensuring the repeatability of processes and their automation,
  • standardisation of collective and transport packaging – a reduction in the number of packages creates the conditions for efficient and quick reloading at hubs.







 Reorganization of the distribution network


Based on many years of experience in modeling business processes, as well as using knowledge of logistics management, we offer our clients a distribution network reorganization for cost minimization.

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