Process optimization

Our expert team supports enterprises in optimising business processes. It looks at the processes implemented in an enterprise with a view to optimally plan the core business. The BPMN notation is used to model the existing processes.

After analyses have been carried out, proposals for improvements, drawn up in accordance with the following scheme, are presented:

1. Examination and description of the current status in respect of:

  • the functioning of selected processes (their course, attributes, implementation costs, a map of processes),
  • the systemic aspect (the purposefulness and ways of data collection and processing, communication between systems).

2. Development of optimizing changes concept:

  • a reduction in duplicated functions,
  • identification of redundant functions,
  • identification of discontinuity in processes,
  • diagnosis of problems arising at the points of contact (bottlenecks),
  • a reduction in the process duration,
  • elimination of functions which do not create added value.

​The outcome is elimination of unnecessary operations, which do not create added value neither for customers nor for an enterprise, and which generate redundant costs. Very often, during workshops their participants notice themselves what they could change in their organization.

Another important element of the process is the transfer of knowledge, due to which, in the future, it will be possible for them to carry out such analyses on their own.



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