Conference report "How to reduce transport costs"


On 29 August, the Conference "How to reduce transport costs" was held on the hospitable premises of the Partner Hotel in Warsaw. The purpose of the Conference was to make the participants acquainted with modern methods for planning and control of the costs of logistics and transport, with special consideration given to ways of reducing these costs by applying new optimisation technologies. At the same time, we decided to initiate a series of free of charge conferences dedicated to improvements in logistics processes. 

This event opens a large series of conferences which will be organised by the Advisory Department of Benson Consultants for members of boards, chief financial officers and specialists heading transport and logistics departments in companies with different business profiles.

This time the Conference was attended by more than 80 participants from all over Poland. They represented not only production, distribution and service companies, but also the leaders on the market of contract logistics and included representatives of the scientific community, too. Papers and presentations delivered by the Conference organiser and partners concerned modern transport management  methods and detailed aspects of practical solutions to the problems faced by the heads of logistics and financial departments. One could hear about the practice and trends in route planning methods, cost control, settlement of carriers and own fleet, as well as those for the prevention of frauds. The opportunities offered for business by digital maps and GPS system were also presented.

Opening the Conference Mr. Stanisław Żurawski, President of the Board of Benson Consultants, said that the organisation of the Conference resulted from the growing awareness of managers in Poland about the magnitude of costs generated in transport processes in each company and about the range of savings which could be achieved by using new IT technologies in the logistics management. The Conference partners included: Benson Consultants, E-mapa and Quasar Electronics.

In its panels, Benson Consultants presented:

  • modern planning methods (including the planning using electronic maps, methods for work automation, planning process control and the use of GPS and mobile devices),
  • ways of reducing transport costs (the cost items which can be easily controlled in a company, the methods for eliminating loopholes in the settlement system were discussed, and the places in the company where the highest savings can be achieved were also indicated),
  • the last presentation closing the Conference presented for the first time OptiLogic, a new optimisation machine designed to automatically develop transport plans using different distribution scenarios based on cost calculations. The core of the new machine was enhanced with a number of algorithms to improve the quality and speed of planning, taking into account the specificity of both the forwarding operations and the handling of an own fleet and the fleet of subcontractors, as well as cases of the work done by single drivers or two-person teams.


The presentations of the consultants of the Company Benson Consultants were delivered using a smart system TMS SkyLogic®.

In its information panel, the Company E-mapa presented:
  • digital maps and the ways of using them in business practice, enumerating the benefits from their application in logistics. Speakers acquainted the participants with the map making and updating processes, discussed the advantages of visualisation for data analysis and demonstrated the map types available. In this aspect, a thematic and geomarketing map was presented. It enables the presentation of numerical data on transport and sales operations in the form of spatial objects on the map.

In its presentation, the Company Quasar Electronics acquainted the participants with:

  • GPS systems and the opportunities offered by such systems. In this scope, typical and untypical frauds perpetrated by drivers in transport, the effect of the frauds on the financial result of a company and the possibility of eliminating them using the GPS system were presented. Different GPS models dedicated to a diversified group of vehicles were reviewed.


We would like to thank all those who attended the Conference for their participation!


Reassured by the comments sent to the Conference organisers, we hope that it met with kind appreciation and an actual demand  on the part of specialists on logistics and finance in many companies.

At the same time, we invite you to participate in another conference which will enhance the transport management issues with detailed aspects related to the building of procedures in single- and multi-branch companies and the algorithms for modelling the supply and distribution network and localising warehouses, depending on the situation on the market, taking into account the methods for allocating the transport costs to orders, customers and areas for the purposes of profitability analysis and key quality indicators. Information on the date of the next meeting will be provided soon on our website.

All those who are interested in obtaining a free of charge presentation from the Conference should please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or:

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