About us

Who are we?
Benson Consultants is a producer of innovative IT systems which support and optimise the management of the operating processes of enterprises. We specialise in standardisation and optimisation of transport logistics. We apply advanced mathematical methods and cutting-edge programming technologies in the IT tools that we produce. The experts employed in our Company audit and advise on measures to improve the effectiveness of logistics systems and supply chains.
Why are we different?
When everyone around us tried to develop applications based on technologies dating from at least 5 years before, we decided to invest in the most recent global solutions in the IT sector and analysis of customers’ needs. Due to such an attitude, mature and technologically advanced products were developed. They represented the commitment of our team to improving the productivity of the processes, reducing their duration and radically cutting their costs.
Our systems are a result of research work and long-term experiences gained during cooperation with leading companies in different sectors. For a long time we have participated in projects to develop the concept and then to build nationwide distribution, service and sales support networks.


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