• Strategic planning

    Strategic planning

    Warehouse location​
    ​Optimization of the delivery geography
    Determination of the vehicle number
    Creating distribution areas
    Scenarios of deliveries and schedules​​​
    Spatial analysis​​​
    Sales opportunities analytics

  • Transport management

    Transport management

    Route optimization​
    Full handling of orders
    Modelling of the logistics structure​​​​​​
    Fleet management and GPS​​​
    Communication portal (WebLogic)
    Analytics and KPI's
    Digital maps
    Text message - based information systems
    Mobile driver management
  • Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives route optimization
    ​Management of regions and sales representatives
    Remote task management
    Digital maps​​​

  • Service technicians management

    Service technicians management

    Scheduling tasks
    ​Service technicians route optimization
    Mobile communication with service technician
    Digital maps
    Assigning service technicians to tasks

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SkyLogic Strategy enables optimization of the distribution network nodes, based on statistics on municipalities (taken from CSO) and the customer data in the database. The basic criterion of optimization is to minimize the cost of travel from the distribution center to individual customers, taking into account the distance and frequency of deliveries.
Data on the municipality includes the following statistics:
  • population,
  • unemployment,
  • average age,
  • average income (purchasing power index).
Data on the client includes the following statistics:
  • frequency of visits,
  • time of the visit,
  • time windows,
  • average value of sales to the customer,
  • the estimated value of revenue,
  • the average service costs,
  • purchasing power index of the municipality.


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