• Strategic planning

    Strategic planning

    Warehouse location​
    ​Optimization of the delivery geography
    Determination of the vehicle number
    Creating distribution areas
    Scenarios of deliveries and schedules​​​
    Spatial analysis​​​
    Sales opportunities analytics

  • Transport management

    Transport management

    Route optimization​
    Full handling of orders
    Modelling of the logistics structure​​​​​​
    Fleet management and GPS​​​
    Communication portal (WebLogic)
    Analytics and KPI's
    Digital maps
    Text message - based information systems
    Mobile driver management
  • Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives route optimization
    ​Management of regions and sales representatives
    Remote task management
    Digital maps​​​

  • Service technicians management

    Service technicians management

    Scheduling tasks
    ​Service technicians route optimization
    Mobile communication with service technician
    Digital maps
    Assigning service technicians to tasks

  • 1
  Possibility of comparing several alternative scenarios of distribution, taking into account characteristics important from the user's point of view.
  Automatic and optimal planning of territories assigned to resources (traders, vehicles, equipment), in terms of minimizing the miles to drive and generating the least cost distribution system.
  Maximizing profits gained from executed routes.
  Ensuring the maximum possible use of sales representatives working time.
  The possibility of increasing sales opportunities (search for "white spots" on the map).
  Displaying all the data and the results of optimization on the map.
  Reduction of time spent on planning.


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