• Strategic planning

    Strategic planning

    Warehouse location​
    ​Optimization of the delivery geography
    Determination of the vehicle number
    Creating distribution areas
    Scenarios of deliveries and schedules​​​
    Spatial analysis​​​
    Sales opportunities analytics

  • Transport management

    Transport management

    Route optimization​
    Full handling of orders
    Modelling of the logistics structure​​​​​​
    Fleet management and GPS​​​
    Communication portal (WebLogic)
    Analytics and KPI's
    Digital maps
    Text message - based information systems
    Mobile driver management
  • Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives route optimization
    ​Management of regions and sales representatives
    Remote task management
    Digital maps​​​

  • Service technicians management

    Service technicians management

    Scheduling tasks
    ​Service technicians route optimization
    Mobile communication with service technician
    Digital maps
    Assigning service technicians to tasks

  • 1
  • handling of domestic and international forwarding,
  • handling of orders: domestic FTL, international FTL, groupage, PTL, transport, forwarding, others which the user can define,
  • status at the level of routes, orders, packages, invoices, a pallet-specific shipping document, 
  • mechanisms for checking contact details:
    • the elimination of repeated addresses by defining an unambiguous key (retrieval according to the number and name of a street, locality and country),
    • a smart replacement of an address in the order by an address which can already be found in the database,
    • an automatic replacement of a wrong name of a locality, following one of the 3 keys: with a code / without a code / exception,
  • a mechanism for stopping the implementation of an order in case that a wrong address has been given,
  • the mechanism for alerting about wrong postal codes / localities,
  • registers of business partners (customers, receivers/senders, payers, carriers, branches, hubs),
  • geolocation of business partners,
  • a database on vehicles and drivers,
  • no limits on the number of business partners entered,
  • different planning mechanisms:
    • a manual planner (where a logistician can see a list of unplanned orders and a list of generated travels. The planning consists in adding an order to the travel). On the map, manual designation of the route on the map integrated with the system by means of the drag&drop function,
    • a manual planner on the map (orders are displayed on the map as delivery points). Using a mouse  the logistician drags orders to a new/already existing travel and then confers the order of implementation to them),
    • a route generator based on predefined route templates (the possibility of a dynamic modification of routes in relation to the predetermined templates with the automatic selection of a new template),
    • an optimiser,
  • the assignment of orders, taking into account the equipment of vehicles, OCP and  ADR policies, the carrier’s trade credit, as well as the qualifications of the carrier and driver,
  • route visualisation on the map,
  • quick route designation,
  • automatic route length calculation,
  • the assignment of orders, taking into account the equipment of vehicles, OCP and ADR policies, the carrier’s trade credit, as well as the qualifications of the carrier and driver,
  • time schedules of the availability of drivers and vehicles
  • basic printouts:
    • a bill of lading,
    • a collective bill of lading,
    • a transport order for the carrier/subcontractor,
    • a CMR waybill,
    • a list of travels,
    • a map printout for the driver with the planned route,
  • the possibility of attaching electronic documents with an order and route,
  • C.O.D, P.U.D, customs cleared consignments and ADR,
  • the settlement of unimplemented routes (orders, loads),
  • service quality management and monitoring of areas where errors arise,
  • monitoring of order implementation status – T&T,
  • proactive Track&Trace (T&T).












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