• Strategic planning

    Strategic planning

    Warehouse location​
    ​Optimization of the delivery geography
    Determination of the vehicle number
    Creating distribution areas
    Scenarios of deliveries and schedules​​​
    Spatial analysis​​​
    Sales opportunities analytics

  • Transport management

    Transport management

    Route optimization​
    Full handling of orders
    Modelling of the logistics structure​​​​​​
    Fleet management and GPS​​​
    Communication portal (WebLogic)
    Analytics and KPI's
    Digital maps
    Text message - based information systems
    Mobile driver management
  • Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives management

    Sales representatives route optimization
    ​Management of regions and sales representatives
    Remote task management
    Digital maps​​​

  • Service technicians management

    Service technicians management

    Scheduling tasks
    ​Service technicians route optimization
    Mobile communication with service technician
    Digital maps
    Assigning service technicians to tasks

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